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At the present dynamic time, time of hard mental and physical loads, when we daily face new challenges and stresses and often lack time for rest and treatment, SPA-tourism becomes more and more popular. When we dream about vacations we strive to manage a lot of things – to relax and go in for active sports, to restore our health or get some treatment and to see some new and breathtaking sights.


Karlovy Vary is exactly the place to bring all your dreams to life. Here you can travel not only round Czechia, but also visit some other countries, and you can exercise different kinds of sports, such as golf, tennis, swimming, horse riding and even ballooning.    


Though, Karlovy Vary is above all famous for its curative springs. People from the entire world are coming here to take various courses of treatment.


Currently vast variety of the SPA-procedures meets and exceeds the expectations of the most sophisticated guests and the offered wellness programmes have become the essential part of the spa stay. Moreover, the tourists are not any longer satisfied with general promises to treat all the maladies in less than no time, but require clear information on methods of treatment, abundant entertainment activities within their whole stay and they also wish to see only kindly spirited personnel and, certainly, to have possibility to communicate in the mother language. Though, this niche of such prestige SPA-travels with provision of specially tailored exclusive services in Czechia appeared to be unoccupied.


Due to it the Empire Spa Travel company was created in 2004 and the following priorities were immediately defined:


We greet and prefer those, who communicate with their guests in the language familiar to the guests


We retain the right to recommend the spa resorts highly praised by our guests.


We recommend the spa resorts which will really cure you


Whichever spa resort you may choose we will offer you the optimal way to Prague, Karlovy Vary or Brno.


Wherever you fly to we will provide you with the comfortable transfer due to we own the up to date vehicle fleet


We offer not only spa treatment, but terrific excursion programmes around Czechia and neighbouring countries 


It will be our pleasure to offer you exactly what you need – an excellent limo, retro automobile, equipage or a bicycle - we have all the powers to fulfill all your wishes 


To make your dreams come true we enjoy assistance of:


Reliable Czech partners, we always choose with ultimate thoroughness


Professional personnel of our company who are fond of their work 


Own vehicle fleet


Set of various tailored excursion, spa and combined tours


Cautious client-focused approach


Constant monitoring of the tourists’ feedback


Convenient offices in the centre of Karlovy Vary and Prague


And certainly mineral spring water of the legendary Czech spa resorts


Owing to the above-mentioned principles the Empire Spa Travel company has joined the leading companies as for the volume and quality of the spa services provided by spa resorts in Czechia, which was confirmed by the Springer of the Year granted premium from the prestigious Carlsbad Plaza 5* hotel as well as “TOP-Partner” annual titles granted by the Imperial company