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Indications to treatment at Karlovy Vary resort:
  1. Chronic functional dyspepsias and functional esophageal disorders with refluxes.
  2. Peptic ulcer and duodenitis.
  3. Status after operations on stomach and duodenum.
  4. Chronic intestinal disorders with malabsorption and maldigestion signs.
  5. Status after severe intestinal infections and cured gastro-intestinal parasitic diseases.
  6. Intestinal tract irritations.
  7. Statical, primary and postpromary constipations.
  8. Functional and other chronic gall bladder and bile passages diseases with stones, including hempseed calculus or without them until operative therapy is prescribed.
  9. Parasitic hepatic diseases (Clonorchis, Opistorchosis) as a component part of medical treatment or preoperative preparation.
  10. Status after operations on gallbladder and bile passages.
  11. Status after conducted endoscopic and other instrumental researches caused by stenosis and presence of stones in bile passages.
  12. States after dissolving and lithotripsy of stones.
  13. States after active hepatitis of different etiology.
  14. Chronic hepatitis with evident increased hepatic markers.
  15. States after infectious mononucleosis and other infectious diseases with hepatic disorder.
  16. Congenital hepatic disorder and other hepatic diseases.
  17. State after acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis.
  18. State after operations and pancreas transplantation.
  19. Pancreatic diabetes mainly of the II-nd type, steady state by pancreatic diabetes of the I-st type.
  20. Hyperlipoproteinemia of types II and V.
  21. Urolithiasis (stones in kidneys), mainly urate and oxalate.

Contra-indications for treatment at Karlovy-Vary resort:
  1. All the diseases in acute condition and states when hospitalization is necessary.
  2. General severe diseases of different origin (cachexy, progressive oncological diseases, jaundice, nephritic decompensation disturbed circulation).
  3. Active tuberculosis.
  4. Repeating bleeding of different origin.
  5. Bacillicarriers.
  6. Some mental and neural diseases without specialist permission.
  7. Enuresis and encopresis (in such cases spetialist decision is necessary).
  8. Pregnancy.