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General information
Františkovy Lázně is located at an elevation of 450 meters above the sea level in the picturesque midst of monolitic range of Krušné hory and the Czech Forest.

The spa resort emerged in 1793 and ever since it has been preserving the charm of a comfortable and cosy town with its Neo-Classical buildings, mild climate and splendid town gardens. In the beginning of the century it was called Franzensbad to honour the Austrian Emperor. The present name of the town, Františkovy Lázně, is the Czech name, which could be translated as Franz’s Baths. The Emperor’s name can be found not only in the name of the town. Frantishkov spring (Františkuv pramen) is the most famous mineral spring in the town and it sprouts in the very heart of Františkovy Lázně on the Sguare of Piece (Namesti mini).

Spa treatment in Františkovy Lázně is one of the most prestigious in Czech Republic. Due to high concentration of  carbon dioxide the mineral springs of the town are considered to be the sources of acid mineral water. The qualitative saturated carbonated water (24 available in the town) is applied for baths, inhalations and drinking cure. The carbon dioxide source is used for gas baths. Curative sulphurous ferric mud, produced in the peat land in the outskirts of the town, permitted Františkovy Lázně to become one of the elite European spa regions. The spa resort is the member of Royal Spas of Europe Association.

Spa & Wellness
Cardiovascular and vessel diseases, ischemic heart disease, stenocardia, postinfarction syndrome (AIM preventive treatment after infarct suffered), hypertonia, cardiac insufficiency, except the cases of minimum weak blood circulation,  blocking of limb vessels, thrombosis  and thrombophlebitis, angioneurosis.

Locomotor apparatus sdisorders: different muscle pains, tendons and joints, vertebrogenous algic syndrome (backache), arthrosis deformans, uninflamed arthrosis, joint and spine deterioration. The treatment with application of natural resources of Františkovy Lázně in combination with the curative gymnastics and physiotherapy provides a high level of the treatment efficiency.

Gynecopathy, including infertility: the unique composition of the local mineral mud bringing the hormones analogue substances guarantees the efficiency of treatment, specifically at the stage I and II of infertility. For at least 100 years the effectiveness of the mud application to treat climacteric disorders has been known. Within recent years the experience was gained in treating the post-surgical status of internal genital organs (post - oncology operation status). Treatment with application of the local mud, mineral springs and gas is supplemented with special curative gymnastics and other procedures. The local Spa corporation became the most famous in Europe for treatment of children’s gynecopathy, i.e. treatment for girls from 6 to 15 years after peritoneum operations and pelvic peritonitis. The given treatment helps avoid consequences of these diseases in the elder age.

Interesting Places and Sights
The main places of interest are: the national park SOOS, natural gas sources, Komorní hůrka volcanic mountain, Žírovice – the Butterfly farm, the Siberg Medieval Castle (cape).