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Tourist Information
Indication for treatment at the resort:

Characteristic property of treatment at the resort is possibility to treat gynecopathies of adults and children. Mud baths, mud applications and mud vulval pads are specific treatments improving blood circulation locally, contributing to dispertion of adnations, postsurgical scars, affecting imflammatory effect and stimulating female reproductive performance.
  1. Cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, infrequent heart stroke, postinfarction state)
  2. Idiopathic hypertensia
  3. Gynecopathy (adnexitis, metritis, phlogistic pudenda diseases)
  4. Post gynecological surgery state
  5. Infertility
  6. Metabolism disorder (adiposis)
  7. Rheumatism and its consequences (rheumatic cardiosclerosis, heart disease)
  8. Treatment of rheumatism in children
Contraindications for treatment at the resort:
  1. Cardiovascular diseases at decompensation stage
  2. Benign and malignant tumors
  3. Active tuberculosis
  4. Contagions in exacerbation stage