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Jachymov is a lovely town on the southern slope of the fabulous Ore Mountains (Krušné hory) 150km away from Prague and 20 km from Karlovy Vary located at an elevation of about 650m above the sea level. It is the unique place, famous for its powerful underwater thermal springs and a vast number of minerals discovered (about 230 types).


In 1895 the scientists Becquerel and the Curies’ studied the radioactive effect using the natural minerals produced in Jachymov uranium minings and in the process of their research work they managed to isolate a new element of the uranium named Radium. They were awarded the Noble Prize for this discovery in 1905. It was proved that Jachymov mineral springs have a high concentration of the unusual gas Radon and possess curative properties. Owing to this discovery the first and the unique radon spa resort Jachymov was founded. Today only one mine is operating, producing the main underground treasure, which is the curative water.


The outcomes of Jachimov comprehensive methods of treatment exceed all expectations, besides the effect of treatment is maintained much longer than the one gained upon the medicamentous therapy. The comprehensive spa treatment includes curative nutrition and all types of basic dietary regimes. The main advantage of Jachimov spa treatment is that the water produced does not have any counter-indications and may be applied even in cases of hypertension, cardiac decompensation, impairment of circulation due to the temperature of water does not exceed 37C. The optimum composition of Jachimov radon water provides for efficient treatment based on the radon gas properties, i.e. radon is consumed via the skin, being the largest human body organ,. The water is supplied to the spa complexes 6 times a week and these complexes are equipped to protect the patients of the impact of radon undesirable decomposition side effects to the fullest extent. Jachimov spa treatment is stirring more and more interest in the entire world with every other year.   


Spa Treatment

Regular long-term treatment provides the patients not only with a release from pain and returns flexibility in their joints, but helps avoid resorting to medicamentous therapy. The spa resort clinics provide treatment of inflammatory locomotor apparatus diseases.

The treatment leads to stabilisation of the status after inflammatory processes in joints, post-traumatic status, spine and joints disturbances as well as complications after traumas and opponensplasty

The disorders of the peripheral nervous system diseases: neurodynia, gout, infalmatory and post-traumatic radiculalgia, polyneuropathy, paresis on the recovery stage.

Metabolic disorders. Special tailored programmes are developed to treat people of the advanced age providing regeneration effect.