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Indications for treatment at Jachymov resort
  1. Inflammatory locomotor system diseases (atrophic arthritis, Behterev s disease, psoriatic arthropathy)
  2. locomotor system diseases of degenerative nature (post- traumatic states, arthrosis and arthritis at middle age, spinal column disease)
  3. Peripheral nervous system diseases (neuralgia, neuritis, radicular syndrome)
  4. Metabolism disorder (arthropathy with podagra)
  5. Gerontological (elderly ) patients treatment
  6. Osteoporosis treatment
Contra-inditarions for treatment at Jachymov resort:
  1. All of the diseases at decompensation stage
  2. Benign and malignant tumors
  3. Active tuberculosis
  4. Contagions
  5. Severe heart weakness
  6. Acute psychogenic diseases