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Tourist Information

General information

Podebrady is one of the oldest spa resorts of Czechia located in 50km away from Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, on the bank of the Laba (Elba) River. The picturesque surroundings of the Laba river in the midst of the fabulous thick forest, parks, pure air and settled life gives the spa resort a peculiar charm, tranquillity and placidity.

Podebrady was founded in the early XVII century as a small Czech spa resort. And in the beginning of XX century, upon discovery of curative mineral springs with high content of carbon dioxide, magnesium and calcium, the spa town felt               revival of its spirits. One of the most remarkable peculiarities of the town is the curative mineral springs, scattered around the spa resort. Podebrady spa treatment combines genuine traditions and the most advanced methods of treatment.


Spa treatment

Treatment of cardiovascular and vessel diseases: congenital heart defect and acquired valvular disease, ischemia, post-infarct status, post cardiac and vessel surgery, high blood pressure, stenocardia, arteriosclerosis, paroxysmal dyspnea, post vasculitis status, lower limb ischemia.

Metabolic disorders: diabetes mellitus, cholesterol related diseases, metabolic imbalance, lipid metabolism.

Locomotor diseases: spine and joint disturbances.

Respiratory system diseases:bronchial asthma, pneumonia, allergenic diseases, allergic rhinitis


Apart from the traditional in Czech spa resorts methods of treatment with application of paraffin therapy, electrotherapy and water therapy, different types of massage, as well as natural gas injections, other specific methods are applied in Podebrady, such as carbonated baths and many others.


Cultural events

Magnificent Medieval Castles, Historical Museum in the open air, Modern Art Gallery attract lots of tourists. Padenrady spa resort also offers bathing beaches, including a nude beach. There are also many in-house swimming-pools. The tennis courts, golf course, facilities for yachting, horse and bicycle riding, target shooting are offered to the enthusiasts of the active kinds of sports. Podebrady is the universal town with rich cultural and social life.

Podebrady is also well-known as one of the Eastern Bohemia centres of crystalware production.