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Indications for treatment at Podebrady resort:
  1. All heart diseases
  2. Post- myocardial infarction states
  3. All forms of coronary heart disease
  4. Post- heart operational states
  5. Inflammatory vascular heart diseases
  6. Congenial and acquired heart valvular disease
  7. Locomotor system diseases of patients with heart diseases
  8. Preventive treatment for decreasing of risk factor for patients with coronary heart disease
  9. Rehabilitation treatment at different stages after myocardial infarction
  10. Complex treatment of chronic edemata of lower limbs
  11. New-onset diabetes treatment
  12. Lipidosis, high concentration of cholesterol and other lipid fractions
  13. Rehabilitation courses used to treat osteoporosis
  14. Adiposis
Contra-inditarions for treatment at Podebrady resort:
  1. All of the diseases at decompensation stage
  2. Benign and malignant tumors
  3. Active tuberculosis
  4. Contagions