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Tourist Information

General information
spa resort is located between the Ore Mountains (Krušné hory) and the central mountain massive in the north of Czechia in 90km from Prague and at an elevation of 220m above the sea level. Being the oldest spa resort in Czechia famous for its radioactive springs Teplice is also renowned as the most advanced spa resort of Czechia where the state-of-the-art-equipment and the leading-edge technologies are applied.
Curative properties of Teplice thermal springs were already known in 762, i.e. in the times of Celtic settlements in the end of the era of the Roman provinces. Even then the thermal spring water of the sodium-sulphate-hydrocarbonate type with the increased content of fluorine, moderate radon content, a large number of microelements and rare metals, which had been used in the treatment purposes since XII century. Presumably it was due to its thermal springs with the temperature of 39-44°C the spa resort was called Teplice.

Spa treatment

  • Treatment of locomotor apparatus: inflammatory and degenerative locomotor disorders, geriatrics, metabolic disturbances, rehabilitation, rheumatic arthritis, spondylosis, occupational diseases, caused by vibration, sports traumas,
  • Cardiovascular and vessel diseases
  • Nervous system disorders (different types of paralysis, including infantile paralysis, cerebrobulbar paralysis, congenital cerebral paralysis, movement disorder after cephalitis and myelitis)
  • The disorders of the peripheral nervous system diseases: neurodynia, gout, infalmatory and post-traumatic radiculalgia.
  • Status after spinal operations and brain surgery, psychosis states, neurotic disorders, treated at Teplice spa resorts.
  • Occupational diseases caused by vibration are successfully treated in Teplice spa resorts.

The main spa and wellness procedures provided at Teplice spa resort are thermal baths, rehabilitation gymnastics in warm mineral water. Besides, traditional methods of treatment, provided in Czech spa resorts, are applied: electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, mud baths and compresses, as well as tailored rehabilitation complexes, a lot of relaxation programmes targeted to health enhancing and tonicity.

Interesting Places and Sights
In the centre of the Old Town there is
one of the tourists’ attractions, the Square of Freedom (namesti Svobody) with the Church dating back to 1545 in the northern part of the square. Another sight is the Renaissance chateau with its subsequent buildings in the Baroque and Empire style near the preserved part of the convent of a former monastery. The Holy Trinity Column by the sculptor Matias B. Brown towers over the Castle Square (Zamecke namesti). The Cathedral and Chapel of the Holy Cross also attract lots of tourists.  

Cultural events
There is the
Northern Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Krušnohorského Theater and the Regional museum in the town. The Beethoven Musical Festival is held every year in Teplice.

The guests of the town devoted to sports activities are offered to visit open and covered swimming-pools with thermal spring water and winter stadium, fitness clubs, aquacentre, squash, riding hall, bikeways as well as walking and hiking trails.