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General information
is one of the most well-known spa resort in Czechia and the largest one in Moravia. The town is located in the Southern-Eastern part of Moravia, in the reserved area of the White Carpathian mountains (Bílé Karpaty).

Spa treatment in Luhacovice spa town dates back to more than 300years, though the first mentioning of the curative mineral water refers to XIV century. And by the end of XIX century Luhacovice had become generally known and its rise was connected with the name of the doctor František Veselý.  

Nowadays Luhacovice is an up to date prosperous spa resort with a vast treatment experience and it is rich in 17 mineral springs with bicarbonate chloride - natron acidulous water and one sulphurous spring. The spa resort mineral springs contain natrium, calcium, magnesium, chlorine, ferrum, carbon dioxide, bromine, iodine, increased content of free carbon dioxide and other elements.

Spa treatment
The list of diseases and disorders treated in
Luhacovice is impressive. The spa resort spring water is justly recognised as one of the most efficient in Europe applied to treat respiratory tract diseases, digestive system disorders, metabolic disturbance diabetes mellitus, obesity, locomotor diseases, different types of allergy and susceptibility.

Besides, the spa resort offers regenerativem rehabilitation, relaxation and other tailored programmes. 

Luhacovice is famouse for its effiecient treatment of diabetes. The Marimare spa hotel provides targeted diabetic treatment. The diabetes mellitus treatment is based on the curative effect of the Aloiska spring water and a complex of different spa and wellness procedures. The curative spring water intensifies bilification, thus flushing biliary tract. Due to the curative effect of the mineral spring water the pancreatic growth is promoted, thus effecting the processes of digestion and metabolism of carbohydrates, being the most crucial to diabetes cure. The treatment of disorders connected with long-term consequences of diabetes: upper and lower limbs, nervous system, respiratory system diseases and others.

The treatment methods applied in Luhacovice are traditional for all spa resorts in Czechia: mineral water drinking cure (Ottovka, Aloiska, Vincentka, Pramen Dr. Šťastného and St. Joseph springs), inhalations, hydrotherapy, baths, electrotherapy, different type of massage, mud and paraffin compresses, curative gymnastics. The spa treatment is provided both for the adults and children.


Spa attractions
ovice is located in the Valley of the Styavnitse River in the midst of slopes, gaining the elevation of up to 600m above the sea level. Luhacovice pond in the Olza River, offers an exciting fishing opportunities, beaches and the facilities for active water sports. The spa resort also offers a lot of other sports options, such as golf, fitness clubs, bowling, tennis, walking and hiking, bicycle tours.  A great many of various cultural events are held in the spa town. Old Castle and Churches attract attentions of a great number of tourists.