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Indications to treatment at Lugachovitse resort:
  1. Oncological diseases after complex therapy finishing without backsets signs.
  2. Blood circulation diseases (functional impairment of peripheral vessels).
  3. Digestive tract diseases (digestive tract disorder and want of appetite, gastric, dodecadactylon diseases in non-exacerbated state, status post operations on stomach, alimentary canal and pancreas).
  4. Metabolic disorder diseases (pancreatic diabetes and adiposis). Therapy of children adiposis  from 10 years old, pancreatic diabetes  from 15 years old.
  5. Respiratory tract diseases (bronchial asthma, allergic respiratory tract diseases, chronic bronchitis, voice disorder and hoarseness, allergic rhinitis, status post operations on respiratory tract). Therapy of children  from 3 years old.

Contraindications for treatment at Lugachovitse resort:
  1. All of the diseases at decompensation stage
  2. Active tuberculosis
  3. Infectious disease
  4. Serious heart weakness
  5. Acute mental illness