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Tourist Information

General information
The spa resort is located at an elevation of 640m above the sea level on the
forest slope of the Golden Mountains (Rychlebské hory) in 2 km away from the town of Jeseník. The spa resort was founded in 1820 by the local farmer’s son, who had discovered the curative effect of the cold spring water and opened the first in the world balneary at his own home.

A magnificent panorama of the Hrubý Jeseník mountain range and the Great-Grandfather (PRADĚD), the highest mountain of Hrubý Jeseník mountains and Moravia and Czech Silesia, as well as a view of the Ridge of Orlík can be enjoyed from Jeseník spa resort. The spa resort enjoys the unique location above the Valley and it is completely shielded with the mountains, curving from the west to the south. Specific climate conditioned by this favourable location is one of the most important factors allowing efficient spa treatment at any time of the year.

The guests of the spa resorts are really impressed by sculptures and monuments near the curative springs and the Colonnade, which were presented by the recovered patients from among the representatives of the European aristocracy to express their gratitude to Vincenc Priessnitz for their miraculous healing.    


Cultural events
A great many of cultural event
s are held in the Congress hall and in the Mirror hall in Jeseník.

In summer the guests of the spa resort are invited to the concerts held in the open air in the park.

Tennis courts, mini-golf, mountain bicycle rental, fitness rooms, open swimming-pool, skittle-ground, table tennis room and in-house swimming-pool are at the disposal of the guests of the spa resort. It is also an excellent place for skiing, including alpine skiing