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General information

Darkov is the Balneological spa resort at an elevation of 225-300m above the sea level on the northern slopes of the Beskydy Mountains in the Valley of the Olza River. The spa resort is located in the northeast part of the Czech Republic, near the border with Poland in 20 km from the town of Ostrava. Mild climate, ecologically clean fabulous forests and town parks, lots of sports and cultural events make the spa resort Darkov especially attractive.


Darkov is one of the best resorts for treatment of the locomotor apparatus, cardiovascular, vessel and skin diseases as well as neurological disorders. The spa resort was founded in 1867 on the place where the iodine-bromine mineral springs spout. The mineral content of these springs is 1,3 times as much as the mineral content of the Red Sea water. Curative effect of the iodine-bromine helps normalise the function of the thyroid gland, metabolism, blood circulation, sedation. Iodine-bromine baths reduce pain, stress, peevishness and improve sleep. The spa resort consists of two spa complexes: the Darkov spa hotel and the Rehabilitation Centre, located in the town of Karviná. The spa complex offers a choice of more than 70 procedures. The Rehabilitation Centre of the Darkov spa resort provides convenient access and comfortable stay for physically challenged people in wheelchairs.


Cultural events

Darkov spa resort attracts the guests with Art and Gastronomy Festivals such as Vinobrani wine Festival, Darkov Linden Tree Festival of artists and woodcarvers as well as concerts of popular musicians, singers and national folk groups.


Besides, the guests of the spa resort are offered a lot of options how to spend their leisure time, for instance, to explore bicycle routes, go to tennis courts, fitness-centre, sauna, swimming-pool, skittle-ground, in-house skating-ring, walk in the spa resort parks, alpine skiing, horse riding. The spa resort offers facilities to play volley-ball, badminton, squash, mini-golf, billiard and enjoy many other entertainments and sports activities.